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Slate and Shingle Guard

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Slate and Shingle Guard
Slate and Shingle Guard

Using our Minor Rib Guard and a specially designed SST strap,  anyone with a shingle or slate roof can now recognize the benefit of having roof guards! 

Our hanging strap has 4 slots and 10 mounting holes to accommodate virtually any length shingle and it allows you to mount the guard in multiple positions.   Once the guard is attached and positioned any excess length of strap is easily trimmed off to assure a seamless look to your roof.

The strap slides up under your shingle and hooks over the nails so no additional screws are needed.  

Purchasing a quantity of 1, you will be getting 1 Minor Rib, 1 Strap, 2 Screws & 2 Nuts.


 Strap Dimensions:  18" Long, 1.5" Wide and .030" Thick.  304 Stainless Steel 

Connection Bolts:  304 Stainless Steel 1/4"-20 x 1/2 Screws and 304 SST Keps Nuts 





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