New Standing Seam Clear

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New Standing Seam Clear
New Standing Seam Clear
New Standing Seam Clear
New Standing Seam Clear
New Standing Seam Clear
New Standing Seam Clear
Our New Standing Seam Snow Guards are especially effective where ice and heavy snow are a problem.  Featuring SST fasteners which do not penetrate the roof, there is no opportunity for leaks and they can be installed in any weather. The standard bottom ice bar mounts 3/8" of an inch above the roof to keep snow and ice from sliding while the second optional ice bar holds back deeper snow levels. 
You will need 1 starting block for each row. Then you need to order the appropriate pan width that matches your panel, you will need 1 less than your number of panels.  
Please Note: On our old website we sold this system by the foot,  we are now selling it by the panel section, each quantity one that you purchase you will receive 1 NSS Guard and 1 Rod cut to length.   
Example:   You are doing a 36' Wide Roof with 12" CTC Seams,  you will have 36 panels on each face of the roof.  You would order 2 Starter Blocks, 1 for each side,  along with Quantity 68, 12" Pan Sections, 34 for each side.
Example 2: If your run is long enough that you need two rows on each side, you would order 4 Starter Blocks and 136 Pan Sections.  
Not sure on the exact quantity you need?   Feel Free to reach out to us via phone or email and we will help you configure a custom layout for your application.
  • The New Standing Seam snow guard is a polycarbonate snow guard that is designed for new construction and can be retrofitted onto existing roofs. 
  • NSS guards are mounted using SST screws which are mechanically fastened to the standing seam, without penetrating the roof.  
  • NSS guards are designed to fit straight, T & L seams up to 2" tall & 1.25" Wide.    
  • Ice Bar is 1" in diameter and mounts 3/8" above the roof surface.  Optional 2nd Ice Bar mounts 1/4" above the standard bar. 
  • It's cube shaped profile is heavily reinforced for strength.   
  • UV Protected - won't fade or break down from sun or harsh weather.
  • Effective and Economical.
  • Compatible with all metals and composites.  
  • Clear snow guards are virtually invisible on any roof. 
  • Custom colored guards are available.
  • Free recommended installation and layout schematics. 
  • Please email us or call us for information on colored NSS guards which are available for an additional fee and have a slightly longer lead time. 
  • Rods are Acrylic and are available in clear only. 
Lead Time:
Current Lead Time - 3 to 4 Weeks
Typically In Stock - Larger orders 1K+ may take 1- 2 weeks to ship.
Base - 3" x 3" ,  Face - 3" x 3"
Ice Bar - 1" Diameter
Ice Bar - Will be cut to length to match your panel.