Surebond SB-190 Everseal Adhesive Clear

Polar Blox

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Surebond SB-190 Everseal Adhesive Clear
Surebond SB-190 Everseal Adhesive Clear

Versatile, high-strength, hard-setting, one-part adhesive sealant.  Superb 2000 PSI tensile strength with excellent impact resistance.  Water and Weather Proof. 

Makes an excellent sealant for under your Polar Blox when using mechanical fasteners.  If you do not want to penetrate your roof,  your Polar Blox can be attached using solely SB-190 to achieve over 800 PSF of holding power.  

10.3 Ounce Catridge



  • High-strength
  • Flexible
  • Excellent memory
  • Hard-setting
  • One-part


  • Durable bond to material
  • Allows for movement of dissimilar materials
  • Does not become brittle
  • Pick-proof
  • Easy application
  • Long service life
  • Minimizes dust pickup
  • Easy to match substrate


Interface and surfaces must be clean, dry and free of dust, dirt, oil and water-proofing and release agents.

Cut cartridge nozzle at slant to 1/4” hole and puncture inner seal, apply bead size as desired. Apply uniform bead with steady pressure. Tool immediately after application to ensure full contact with both sides of the joint area. Sealant starts to skin over in 20-25 minutes. Minimum application temperature of 50°F.

Not recommended for use with soft expansion joints, polystyrene or styrene containing plastic.

Minimum application temperature is 50 degrees. A 1/8” bead is 80% cured in 3 days, 90% in 2 weeks and can take between 7 - 28 days to fully cure, dependent upon conditions. Colder temperatures will stall the curing process.

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