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Special Sale - Original Standing Seam Blue with Screws

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Special Sale - Original Standing Seam Blue with Screws
Original Standing Seam Snow Guards are the ultimate system for standing seam roofs.  Featuring SST fasteners which do not penetrate the roof, so there is no opportunity for leaks.  They can be installed in any weather.  They can be used stand alone as a Snow Guard or coupled with our optional Ice Bar to create an entire snow retention system.  
Optional Ice Bar mounts 3/8" of an inch above the roof. 

Stand Alone No Rods:
To use our Original Standing Seam as a stand alone snow guard by attaching it to the standing seam on your roof without penetrating your roofing system,  you will want to order an OSS Guard with Screws in the appropriate number you need.   Typically this is one per seam.   Please note:  on wider panels 12" + you do risk snow and ice sliding between the guards.  

Guards with Ice Bar:
To use our Original Standing Seam along with optional Ice Bar to create a snow retention system,  you will need one OSS Guard for each seam your attaching to and one less rod in the pan width you need. Rods are available for purchase on the Clear OSS Product Page



If your not sure the exact quantity you need do not hesitate to reach out to us via phone or email and we will assist you with a custom configuration for your specific roof.  Snow load & pitch must be taken into account in any layout.  
  • The Original Standing Seam snow guard is a full size polycarbonate snow guard that is designed for new construction and can be retrofitted onto existing roofs. 
  • OSS guards are mounted using SST screws which are mechanically fastened to the standing seam, without penetrating the roof.  
  • OSS guards are designed to fit seams up to 1/2" wide and 1 9/16" tall.  If the seam is higher than 1 9/16", it is still usable but the guard will sit higher off the roof surface.  
  • OSS guards can be used stand alone as a guard,  or you can include an optional Ice Bar for maximum snow and ice control.  
  • Optional Ice Bar is 1" in diameter and mounts 3/8" above the roof surface.   
  • 2 interior reinforcing ribs and center support.  
  • UV Protected - won't fade or break down from sun or harsh weather.
  • Effective and Economical.
  • Compatible with all metals and composites.  
  • Clear snow guards are virtually invisible on any roof. 
  • Free recommended installation and layout schematics. 
  • Please email us or call us for information on colored OSS guards which are available for an additional fee and have a slightly longer lead time. 
Lead Time:
In Stock - Limited Quantities Available
Base - 5" x 3" ,  Face - 5" x 3"

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